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Discover the Salesforce ecosystem and find out why so many companies from different countries and industries have trusted these powerful tools!

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Available recordings

Efficient quoting and discount management with Salesforce CPQ



Did you know that even the most complicated quote can be created up to 78% faster? Watch the recording to see how to save the time of your sales teams. Listen to success stories of our customers who use CPQ in their daily work.


The speakers will also talk about the challenges that companies face with regard to quote creation and will discuss topics such as complex products/pricing, contract management, renewals, and amendment as well as quoting accuracy.


Hosted by: Mark Hoban, Xavier Marette, Krzysztof Grabowski, Nele Jerselius

Sharpen your sales process and catch up with all things you didn’t have time for – tools, tips, and tricks


A modern selling strategy requires modern sales tools, but do you know which ones to choose? Would you like to learn more about the benefits of automating and optimizing business processes, and help your sales team become high achievers?


Sales funnel visualization, Account Planning or sales analytics and reporting – these are just a few of the topics discussed during this webinar. See how to shorten the sales cycle, keep leads coming to your pipeline, and close more deals!


Hosted by: Nele Jerselius, Jakub Sierszuła


Digital marketing – what should I do to survive, grow, and succeed?



Effective communication has never been as important as it is today! Is your company ready for disruption and prepared to adapt to new circumstances? Listen to our marketing strategists discuss timely topics related to the current global economic situation.


Discover the benefits of Marketing Cloud implementation and the secrets of cross-channel, personalized B2C communication as well as the advantages of Business Intelligence and good reporting of marketing activities in Datorama.


 Hosted by: Jakub Poznański, Damian Przybył, Nele Jerselius


Get closer to your prospects with Pardot – marketing automation tool from Salesforce!


Would you like to streamline your marketing processes and meet the ever-growing expectations of your B2B customers? We encourage you to watch the recording of a webinar fully dedicated to Salesforce Pardot. 


Introduce effective online marketing activities to your organization, so they bring additional revenue and sales opportunities. Generate more high-quality leads, personalize customer paths, and collect vital data for your sales department with Pardot.


Hosted by: Joanna Bartoszczuk, Jakub Byrski

What is eSigning and how it can optimize your business processes? – session 1


Are you tired of handling paper contracts, agreements, or reports? Could you use a safe and convenient tool to sign important documents electronically? Join us for a series of webinars dedicated to Scrive!


During the first of three events, the speakers discuss the idea of eSigning and benefits of using electronic signature solutions. They also introduce Scrive and show how this tool works, and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.


Hosted by: Michał Michnik, Nele Jerselius, Ivan Wrede

How to start your journey with Scrive within Salesforce? – session 2


You’ve learned the definition of eSigning and you know what Scrive is and what its business applications are. Now it is time to learn more about this electronic signature solution and see how it works in practice within your Salesforce platform.


Listen to our experts talk about installing Scrive and configuring it with Salesforce. Setting a new account is easier than you think, so is the basic configuration. Once everything is ready, you can start sending your first e-documents!


Hosted by: Michał Michnik, Nele Jerselius

How to gain full efficiency with eSigning? – session 3


Now that you know a lot about Scrive, it is time for the third and final session dedicated to some more advanced functionalities. Join us to see how to manage Scrive users and create sophisticated documents and approvals.


Our experts will also show you how to set up custom objects and customize Scrive packages to get the most of this tool in your daily business operation. Now the only thing that’s left is to let go of paper documents in your company and go full digital with Scrive!



Hosted by: Michał Michnik, Nele Jerselius




Complex quoting made easier with Salesforce CPQ


If you feel that renewing contracts or upselling to your existing clients is too difficult, or you are struggling with price and discount management in your current CRM – we encourage you to watch our webinar to meet Salesforce CPQ!


Listen to Anna Zarubina from Salesforce interview the Head of Procurement of Trafigura, a multinational commodity trading company, and learn more about CPQ implementation at Pininfarina. See why these organizations trusted Salesforce!  


Hosted by: Anna Zarubina, Xavier Marette, Torsten Buller


Business Development Center – effective outbound campaigns and more leads for your salespeople


Regardless of the industry in which you operate, your company will certainly need a team specializing in the efficient acquisition of high-quality leads. Find out how to organize a Business Development Center in your organization!


Our specialists will tell you how to create or expand your BD department, motivate its members, and plan activities in the sales process. The lecturers will also discuss issues related to marketing and process automation.



Hosted by: Justyna Jezierska, Nele Jerselius



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