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Get more data insights with the world’s leader in Data Analytics. Bring together data from anywhere, empower your people and organization everywhere, and solve business problems within minutes.

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The Tableau platform is a business intelligence tool that enables you to gather, explore, interpret and analyze data, leading to enhanced and rationalized decision-making processes. Tableau brings together any data from anywhere to empower your people everywhere.


Can you relate to these challenges?

Manual report preparation

Excel-driven Analytics takes a lot of time to report to managers or teams. Tasks are repeatable, and there are plenty of data sources that are scattered.

Puzzle view

Knowing something about Sales from CRM, about Finance from ERP, and about Marketing from Google Analytics, but the sources are scattered, and the pieces of puzzles are lacking for the whole picture.

Lack of data trust

There are few sources of truth in the organization; however, data cannot be trusted entirely; there are tons of assumptions to each data insight.

Performance and processes out of control

The organization lacks a full view of the company’s performance. If something
breaks, it takes a week or a month to be acknowledged.

Are you facing some of the challenges mentioned above?
See how the Tableau Business Intelligence tool can help you overcome them!


Data Access

Tableau connects directly to hundreds of data sources, both on-premises or in the cloud, whether it’s a database or a spreadsheet. There are native connectors to approx. 100 data sources including Salesforce, Google Databases (Ads, Analytics, Big Query, Cloud SQL, Drive, Sheets), Oracle, MySQL, SAP HANA, Databases, Excel, and more.

Data Prep

Tableau Data Prep for data transformations. User-friendly calculations and data cleaning.

Tableau Prep empowers more people to analyze faster by helping them quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data. A direct and visual experience gives a deeper understanding of data, smart features make data preparation simple, and integration with the Tableau analytical workflow allows for faster speed of insight.

Combine and clean disparate data without writing code. Easy sharing reduces friction and helps you bridge the gap between data preparation and analytics. Using visual feedback, Tableau Prep enables more people in your organization than ever before to prepare data at scale.


Manage the access to data and visualizations based on roles across the whole organization. Create one dashboard with filters dedicated to each person individually. Use self-service, data-driven alerts on dashboards or vizzes. This feature enables users to receive an email when a mark crosses a threshold.

Content Discovery

Self-service exploration of data with Drag & Drop interface.

Tableau Desktop allows people to make data-driven decisions with confidence by helping them answer questions more quickly, solve more challenging problems more efficiently, and uncover new insights more frequently. With a couple of clicks, Tableau Desktop allows you to create interactive dashboards by using drag and drop functionality and natural language queries. It helps people of all skill levels quickly discover actionable insights, all from an intuitive and visual interface.


Ask deeper questions by quickly building powerful calculations, adding trend lines, and seeing statistical summaries or clustering data to see relationships. Understand your data better, make new discoveries, and identify opportunities faster with a whole range of analytics techniques – forecasting, clustering, location intelligence.


Self-service exploration of data with Drag & Drop interface.

Ensure seamless sharing, annotations, and collaboration on visualizations.

Tableau Server is an enterprise analytics platform that is easy to deploy and scale within your employees. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud, on Windows, Linux, Mac, while integrating with your existing security and authentication protocols. Promote sharing and collaboration with data, dashboards, and insights, all with the scalability and security requirements you require. Automate processes and workflows, manage content, define access for individual users and groups, and ensure accurate insights for all data users.

Tableau Public is a free data visualization platform that empowers anyone around the world to create, share, and discover the most important public data stories of our time, helping to make relatable data stories part of everyday life wherever conversations are happening. Share knowledge and experience, and get inspired across all Tableau enthusiasts worldwide.



Action Plan

your Data

At the beginning of cooperation, we focus on defining our clients’ custom needs and requirements. We ask questions to understand your business and adjust the implementation scope and licenses package to offer you the best solution possible.

Demo Preview

Take a look at some key Tableau functionalities and how you could possibly work with your data during a demonstration session. You have an opportunity to see what values Tableau can bring to your business and tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Tableau Blueprint – Individual Approach to Meet Your Requirements

Each project is conducted according to Tableau Blueprint methodology, which is a key value for the successful implementation of Tableau. We focus on three main parts: Agility, Proficiency, and Community.


We deploy, monitor, and maintain your modern Business Intelligence analytics platform


We educate your data users, measure impact, and help you establish best practices


We help you communicate, engage, and support your data enthusiasts.

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Client Success Stories

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Cloudity was responsible for customization of Salesforce platform to correspond with Aava Mobile GmbH needs, configuration and development of Salesforce solution for supporting the support team and bringing them convenient working conditions, configuration and development of Salesforce Communities solution for Aava Mobile's customers and partners.
I confirm the proper quality of delivered services as well as the necessary knowledge and experience of consultants who led the project. I recommend Cloudity as a Salesforce consultancy services provider.

Sven Johannsen
Chief Sales Officer, Aava Mobile GmbH


AMX Germany GmbH started the cooperation with Cloudity at the end of December 2020. We entrusted Cloudity with the implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The goal was to implement the solution at the earliest convenience. Therefore, the project was conducted in the agile methodology to provide more flexibility as well as efficiency to achieve optimal results.
The project lasted a month and the solution was released after a three-week implementation.
We are very pleased with the results of the project and recommend Cloudity as an experienced and trustworthy Salesforce consultancy services provider. Our cooperation has been very productive and we are looking forward to working with Cloudity in the future!

Sebastian Paasch
Managing Director, AMX Germany GmbH

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