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Digital Advisory & Change Management

Want to make sure that the digital transformation is fully and easily adopted?

Cloudity Digital Advisory & Change Management program will provide you with the proper methodology and tools to make sure your organization will adopt the new technologies.

Service Spotlight

We navigate digital transformation by bringing together our consultancy and industry background in personalization of customer and employee experiences across multiple channels and platforms. We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, and help them create stunning digital experiences.

With the implementation of new technology, employees must leave their comfort zone and switch to completely new work tools. In practice, this means that a person who has been working for the last few years using their own methods has to abandon them. They face the challenge of learning a new tool and often adding in a new process and a new team structure.
People are afraid of change. This is normal.

The Cloudity Change Management program acknowledges the importance of managing people and the whole organisation through business changes. We provide you with the full support of our change management specialists. As part of the program, we will provide you with a complete analysis of all changes in your workspace triggered by the implementation of new tools. We will diagnose your team’s readiness for change and build an entire change management plan to be executed during the project. You will receive our support in implementing the plan and monitoring the system adoption until you reach a satisfactory level.

Why use Change Management by Cloudity?

Can you relate to the below problems? Check out how we fixed some of our example clients ‘pains during the development of their employees’ understanding.

Salesforce is the first digital tool my company has implemented.

Until now, our team has worked with basic tools such as spreadsheets as well as traditional notebooks. These are used to gather all the information that we need to work. We are concerned that the switch to a digital platform and all the changes it will bring to our daily work will be stressful and unsuccessful.

We already have a Salesforce Cloud installed, but it hasn’t been fully adopted.

We decided to implement Salesforce Cloud some time ago, but our team is not using it, and the investment we made in the tool is at significant risk.

We are aware that change management is an essential part of a new system implementation.

We know the challenges your organisation and its people face during the implementation of a new tool. They need to change their work habits and can become overloaded with several equally important initiatives. Our goal is to conduct the whole process of system adoption as efficiently and painlessly as possible so you can utilise the benefits of the new tools and processes as soon as possible.



Thorough analysis of your change readiness and tailored solutions.

We conduct an analysis at the beginning of each project. This tells us how ready your organisation is for the proposed changes, what steps you need to take to be ready for the system adoption and how to plan accordingly. As you can never be too prepared in change management, we support you in executing the plan, monitoring the readiness level, and planning additional activities when necessary.

A structured approach with smooth adoption of tools.

During the change management strategy and planning phase, we prepare for each project by taking into account every element necessary for the system adoption. This includes communication, training, the system of motivators and levers of change, as well as the network of change agents. Thanks to this structured approach, we are able to build up your team’s readiness and energy to change before they start working with the tool and thus increase their motivation for working with it.

Certified and experienced specialists.

Our team of certified experts are specialists in the field of change management (APMG International Certification). They apply their technical knowledge of change management on a daily basis when implementing projects. Thanks to their extensive experience, we support the implementation of projects with the most effective change management tools.

Action Plan

Deep analysis
from the start

At the beginning of cooperation, we conduct a full analysis of the change, its impact on the system users, the changing environment and how it may affect the success of the adoption. We will dive deep into your organisation to assess where we start and what distance we need to cover to achieve full success.

Action plan
and execution

Based on our analysis, we prepare a detailed plan of initiatives and
activities that need to be implemented to ensure full adoption. We build a change management foundation in your team by sharing our knowledge and experience in the area. Finally, we execute the plan together with you.

and cooperation

2020 brought plenty of challenges for communication and cooperation.
You don’t have to worry. Thanks to our broad experience in online cooperation around the world, we have adopted effective tools which make the most of meetings, workshops and training.


Client Success Stories

See how our customers overcame their challenges thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud.
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Cloudity was responsible for customization of Salesforce platform to correspond with Aava Mobile GmbH needs, configuration and development of Salesforce solution for supporting the support team and bringing them convenient working conditions, configuration and development of Salesforce Communities solution for Aava Mobile's customers and partners.
I confirm the proper quality of delivered services as well as the necessary knowledge and experience of consultants who led the project. I recommend Cloudity as a Salesforce consultancy services provider.

Sven Johannsen
Chief Sales Officer, Aava Mobile GmbH


AMX Germany GmbH started the cooperation with Cloudity at the end of December 2020. We entrusted Cloudity with the implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The goal was to implement the solution at the earliest convenience. Therefore, the project was conducted in the agile methodology to provide more flexibility as well as efficiency to achieve optimal results.
The project lasted a month and the solution was released after a three-week implementation.
We are very pleased with the results of the project and recommend Cloudity as an experienced and trustworthy Salesforce consultancy services provider. Our cooperation has been very productive and we are looking forward to working with Cloudity in the future!

Sebastian Paasch
Managing Director, AMX Germany GmbH

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