New in Salesforce mobile app – Salesforce Summer’ 18 Release

Over the recent years, mobile devices have become an ever-present element of day-to-day lives of both individual users and the whole corporations. Together with the Salesforce Summer’ 18 Release, the Salesforce mobile app will see several new interesting improvements which will definitely improve the way you run your business. Let’s see the most important ones!


1. Share a post or create a survey


The summer Release edition introduces an option to share posts, create surveys, and ask questions to other users within your organisation. It creates a uniform environment for sharing all and any important information, both while you are at your desktop and on the go on your mobile! This change concerns mobile browsers.


2. See more on the go (Enterprise Territory Management)


From now on, your sales rep working in the field will be able to see other users assigned to specific regions where they operate. You can see this in the form of a list assigned to the given Account.


Salesforce mobile app


3. Text editor available to all


Advanced text editor is commonly available on all mobile devices. From now on, you may fully edit your text on all platforms! We mean here formatting, creating lists, adding images to your text, and many other useful functions. Thanks to this, using mobile apps allows you to use the Lighting Experience even more fully than ever before!


Salesforce mobile app


4. Better information flow thanks to richer notifications


Fully encoded “Push notifications” give users greater ability to access information in a much more convenient way. It is much faster for them to learn about new tasks or that someone mentioned them in a published post in this way. A Salesforce administrator decides how much information is shown in the notifications, protecting sensitive data in such a way so that they are only visible after the app is launched. What’s more, the new look of the notifications (Lightning Experience) is now consistent on all platforms. This option is now available for system administrators, and it can be found in the Manage Connected Apps tab.


Salesforce mobile app


Please note! This option will be available this summer on Salesforce mobile apps in 16.0 version both on Android and iOS.


5. Individual clients also will be updated


Creating and updating individual clients is possible thanks to the Quick Actions function. It allows users to update and add individual clients in the blink of an eye using global (or object-assigned) quick actions in Lightning Experience. This function also allows you to update records associated with the given client.


Using the Salesforce mobile app has never been so pleasant before. With each update, it is becoming more and more like the desktop app, and its functions astonish with each new Salestforce Release. The new improvements make managing your business even easier! We also encourage you to read our previous article from the Salesforce Summe’ 18 Release series – here.