BG Menu – Sales Cloud and Dream View mobile app

BG menu is a company offering the platform for easy food ordering. Customers love their services what makes them the leader in Bulgaria and Hungary. Company cooperates with hundreds of restuarants what allows them offer almost any kind of food.

The tool proposed by Cloudity was Sales Cloud. From the beginning of its business activity in 2004, the company had operated without any tool support in the area of sales, which – along with its business growth – began to limit the possibilities of further expansion. To be able to work effectively on every mobile device Cloudity created the mobile app Dream View.

Gaining effectiveness is one of the most important consequences of the implementation. Being able to make wise decisions based on real data without spending time in Excel sheets is very important for the company. Sales reps appreciate conveniet solution which helps them concernate on sales processes.

Salesforce helped us to find the most common denominator of success - there is not a single operational and strategical business decision that is made without looking at the numbers in Salesforce. Cloudity helped us to improve our business - their mobile app Dream View enables efficient customer relationship management from any mobile device, due to the specificity and fast pace of work.
~Vanyo Gichev, Sales Director

Implemented products and services:

Dream View mobile app