Recruitment unlike any other – developer assessment in Cloudity

Looking for a new job isn’t an easy task. Job research takes a lot of time. You’re happy when they call you for an interview, but on the other hand, it’s so stressful that you’re much happier when it ends. Finally, you have a few job options, but you are not sure which one is best for you. Then you compare offers with slight insecurity. You know that it would be much easier to decide whether this work is for you if you could feel the atmosphere of the company, work with your future team leader, see the workplace, and put yourself in true-life project situations.

Recruitment assessment – meet your future teammates

Cloudity gives such a possibility during its recruitment assessments. These are sessions during which the invited candidates handle specific tasks which are real case studies taken from our projects. These tasks are typical of job positions the candidates apply for. Usually, about a dozen selected candidates take part in such an assessment. They present themselves more comprehensively than during a typical interview. Participants work in teams that are assessed by Cloudity team leaders who explain problems, answer questions, and give advice. They analyze such skills as logical thinking, programming, and also soft skills – teamwork, leadership skills, ability to cope with stress and time pressure, group roles, and ways of solving problems. 

Whom do we invite?

We invite candidates with various skill levels, knowledge, experience, and education. Some people pass the technical test in Devskiller, some of them don’t. There are candidates who graduated from the University of Technology and who changed the industry after completing the programming courses. Like Weronika Dębowska, our Salesforce Developer, who completed the programming course and started her IT career in Cloudity, after one of our assessments. This is how she remembered it:

The assessment took place in the company’s kitchen – large and spacious. At our disposal were water, coffee and tea, and later also pizza. We were invited to the tables at which we worked in groups of 3-4 people. Before the main part of the meeting began, Sylwia – HR Manager and Andrzej – CTO told us a little bit about Cloudity. There were also team leaders who were looking for candidates for their teams. They introduced themselves, and then each of them joined one team of candidates.

What tasks await you?

The first task was an individual test evaluating the level of knowledge of Java – several dozen closed questions. The second task was a group challenge. We had to find a solution to one of the real problems that Cloudity teams once faced. The task required cooperation between participants, the joint establishment of an action plan, division of responsibilities, and effective work under time pressure.

In my opinion, our cooperation was successful. This does not mean that we always agreed, there were moments when we had different opinions on the solution, but we managed to constructively debate and reach the results that we all agreed on. After the allotted time, all groups presented the effect of their work to other participants in a short presentation. One of the team leaders was with us all the time while we were working on the task. Mariusz – my today’s buddy – could have a close look at each candidate’s work. He talked to us, inquired, and assisted in case of any ambiguities.


Is the assessment demanding?

I find the level of recruitment tasks suitable for a junior with no experience in Salesforce. The tasks checked our ability to think logically, write code (without attention to details specific to Java or another language – the logical pseudo-code was enough), and group work. Tasks were a challenge for me, especially since I found myself in a stressful situation. Cloudity did everything to make it as pleasant as possible, but recruitment will always be stressful because of working under time pressure, in cooperation with people you don’t know. I gave my best and I succeeded 🙂

Assessment at Cloudity vs. other recruitments

The assessment was significantly different from other job interviews I’ve attended. This form of recruitment allowed both parties to get to know each other better. Recruiters could have a closer look at us – candidates – from different sides, not only verify technical knowledge but see how we operate in a situation close to daily challenges. It was also a chance for applicants to present a wide range of their skills. I generally feel good about my soft skills. My strengths are the ability to cooperate, communicate, and present. I am glad that I could show it during the assessment.

The visible difference

The assessment gave me a broader picture of the company than other recruitments in which I’ve participated. Sylwia (the HR Manager) described to us in detail what work in Cloudity looks like and familiarized us with the company history, and its values. CTO of the company – Andrzej during his welcoming speech made himself known not only as a specialist in his field but above all as an optimist, visionary, and a man with a mission. The form of the meeting says a lot about the company’s culture and employees. I have never encountered a situation when all team leaders devote so much time and attention to recruitment – Weronika sums up.

Taking part in the recruitment assessments gives you the opportunity to get to know the company’s culture and people. It can also help you define your career plans and your role in the team. And at the end of the day – who doesn’t love a good challenge?

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